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A Contemporary Home with a Victorian Flair.... 

in a Modern Concept of an Old-Fashioned Neighborhood

This custom-designed free standing home is centered in the heart of the Pacifica, the most colorful neighborhood in Carrboro. This co-housing community brings back the feel of old-fashioned neighborhoods where you have intentionally planned space to get to know your neighbors, It's active, vibrant, full of life, community, color and green living values. It has been designed to have the parking on the perimeter and many beautiful common areas create spaces for neighbors to interact and get to know one another. Carrboro is the called "The Paris of the Piedmont" by locals. It is beside it's more famous sister city of Chapel Hill but has a little more of the artistic flair and the bohemian flavor of fun. This is a place where people gather on the Weaver Street Market lawn for regular outdoor concerts in the summer and to to the Town Commons for twice-weekly farmer's markets. This is the most progressive town in the most progressive county in North Carolina.

The Pacifica Co-Housing Community is Carrboro on steroids. It is built around a central Common House that gives everyone a great space for their parties, dinners, movie nights, dances, and hobbies. There is a guest house with several rooms that can be reserved when you have extra guests and a laundry that uses rain water and solar energy. There is a ball-field, playground, and several fenced in vegetable gardens where you and your family can enjoy harvesting fresh tomatoes, squash, or strawberries. Paved paths throughout the community make this perfect for kids riding bikes away from traffic, or having a quiet stroll around the neighborhood. This is a safe place for families with young children, a fun place for older adults who enjoy being active and involved, and young professionals who may be buying their first home.

HOME FOR SALE: Within this lovely community stands 153 Viburnum Way, a beautiful 3 story home with a large master suite, a tower, weather-check balconies, and a living room that is open to the second floor. Designed by Murray Whisnant and Giles Blunden and built by Resolute Builders in 2007, this home offers the charm of a Victorian home with all of the energy efficiency and modern conveniences your family expects. This home has beautiful concrete floors on the first level with radiant heating which is very energy efficient. It has a walk-in climate controlled attic on the third floor for storage or could become another room. A gas fireplace, high ceilings throughout, and beautiful glass block windows create a wonderful sense of airiness and light throughout. The seller is downsizing and is ready to move. This is your opportunity to have the best home in the best co-housing community in the area.  


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